« Coupled with remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are powerful tools for decision-making. From multi-temporal and multi-scale analysis to cross-referencing and data enhancement, once they are formatted according to the actual operational needs of users, these innovative tools become essentials. Being close to your needs in order to adress your problems and to support you in decision-making, while respecting our duty to advise, is our commitment. »

J.Massenet Chef de produit INSIGHT


Providing geo-solutions and decision support tools tailored to your needs, INSIGHT supports you in your projects from the expression of your need to the dissemination of the data. This support goes through several stages, thus enabling a final solution best suited to your needs as well as an optimization of your means and budgets.

Satellite, aerial or drone, from choosing the  right acquisition parameters to the format of the deliverables, INSIGHT puts at your disposal all its expertise to evaluate your needs, acquire the most adapted data, process it and  integrate it in your own GiS.

Remote sensing applications cover multiple, varied and complementary themes: multi-temporal environmental monitoring, qualification of the vegetation cover and characterization of the health of the flora, deforestation and monitoring of forest production, detection of burned areas, Agriculture, forestry, land use, erosion, mapping and topography, rapid post-disaster inventory, attendance monitoring and monitoring of EEZs, detection of pollution, etc.




 Jean Massenet

Jean Massenet

"El Jefe"

In charge of the INSIGHT product line, Jean is responsible for customer and supplier relations and ensures the best synergy between the technical and commercial aspects. Positioning himself as your single point of contact for any request, he will monitor your project from start to finish.

Sébastien Lagarde

Sébastien Lagarde

"GIS Ninja"

Former Hydrogrpahic surveyor, graduated from Intechmer and the University of New South Wales in applied sciences, Sébastien provides technical and commercial support for the management and monitoring of your projects. His experience as a an IT technician at DSP also adds this key skill to the team..

Nafissa Sfaksi

Nafissa Sfaksi

"Wonder PhD"

Holder of a Geography and Environement PhD, Naf is our GIS/RS project manager and technical referent. From the qualification of your need to the implementation of a solution, she will always find a way to adress your needs with innovative solutions.

Pool de ressources

Pool de ressources

"Les Nouzautes"

With a local Internet access provider and two redundant TIER III + Data Centers, an army of IT engineers and developers is supporting INSIGHT to meet your different needs! The company Le Cube, specializing in IT, is a major asset for the realization of your projects.


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