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Observe, Analyse, Preserve

INSIGHT is a startup from New Caledonia, specialized in geospatial (based on geographical data), in geomatics (digital geography) and in earth observation (EO).

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Our missions

Ensure for decision-makers to get access to tools adapted to their operational needs for a lighted decision process, any sector.

More specifically, our products and services support public policies addressing climate changes adaptation and the sustainable management of our territories, landscapes, and natural resources.

Our main missions are the following:

Communaute geospatial creation de donnees new caledonia

Creation of geospatial datasets

Updated basemaps, features extraction from imagery (satellite as well as aerial or UAV), in-situ measurements, etc.

Communaute geospatial valorisation de donnees new caledonia

Valorization of datasets

Geostatistical analyzes, cross-referencing of data for various thematic uses, communicating maps, etc.

Communaute geospatial accompagnement new caledonia

Supporting users

Training, consultancy, feasibility studies, support for expression of needs, technical assistance for project management, etc.

All these missions have followed the natural development of INSIGHT’s activity, ensuring agility to adapt ever better to the operational needs of our several users.

Thanks to such missions for the benefit of the geospatial communities of the 3 French Oceanian territories, but also for the benefit of the whole regional community, INSIGHT is a strong support to the development of all the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) in geospatial matters.

Strong values

In line with our strong commitment to developing our territories in the geospatial field, core values appears as defining both INSIGHT and the missions embraced over the years:

Communaute geospatial new caledonia


Work together to structure, catalyze and consolidate a close-knit regional community with a sense of common purpose, promoting links between complementary regional initiatives to ensure unity at long-term. Above all, to support and accompany the structuring and development of local communities, as the fundamental basis for the sustainability of actions carried out at regional level.

Valeur partage geospatial communaute


Facilitate the sharing of experience and the transfer of knowledge between multiple players and members of the communities of Oceania, considering a key philosophy of knowledge economy. This, by actively contributing to the opening up and sharing of geospatial data and tools adapted to the region, promoting free access for everyone to the most possible.

Communaute geospatial collaboration new caledonia


Guarantee both inclusiveness and full collaboration in the whole work to be carried out all together, from the characterization of similar needs to the operational implementation of common solutions. This will be achieved by pooling resources and strengthening links both within each single territory as well as between PICTs.

Valeur developpement durable geospatial communaute


Guarantee that both environmental and social aspects are taken into account, ensuring the sustainable management of territories and natural resources for future generations. Doing so, support the mutual economic development of territories to ensure the sustainability of the initiatives undertaken, by drawing on an international partnership network in which each player has a vested interest.

A major role

Facilitator and catalyst for local and regional communities

INSIGHT is a member of numerous local, regional and international networks. This gives us the global vision we need in order to understand the links and issues at stake, with the aim of facilitating the enlightened strategic development of New Caledonia and the region in the geospatial field.

Thanks to its network and its vision, INSIGHT addresses its values by carrying out its own missions.

INSIGHT’s key positioning and its unique added value, become clearer through a few key dates:

Since 2014

  • The CIPAC group becomes the official representative of Airbus Defence & Space – Geo Intelligence to the PICTs, a role taken on by INSIGHT since its creation.


  • Integration of the NC Maritime Cluster (CMNC), with membership of its Board of Directors and Executive Committee from the following year.


  • Integration of the NC Incubator for support with development


  • Integration of the Pacific GIS & Remote Sensing Council (PGRSC) as a member
  • Integration of the New Caledonian export cluster NCT&I


  • Initiation of the creation of NC GeoDEV animation, for the benefit of the New Caledonian geospatial community, alongside UMR EspaceDEV (IRD NC).
  • Organization of the 1st seminar for Space Observation in the Service of New Caledonia (OSS-NC), initiating a reliable and useful link with the national geospatial community via the THEIA pole of the Data-Terra research infrastructure (RI).


  • INSIGHT becomes the 1st Copernicus Relay in and for Oceania
    Logo Copernicus relays Airbus
  • Initiation, with stakeholder partner, of La French Tech NC (FTNC) labeling and entering it as a Board member
  • Support for the strengthening of geospatial links between the 3 French Pacific territories, in particular through the NC 2020 OSS plenary session.
  • Integration of the Pacific Island Advisory Group (PIAG) endorsed by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO)


  • Initiation of a first international geospatial link for the French territories of Oceania, with the organization of a bilingual plenary session (lively translated) at OSS NC 2021.
  • Integration of the OPEN NC digital cluster


  • Initiation and lead, as spearhead, of the organization of the Oceania Geospatial Symposium (OGS) 2022 – Tauhā, a unique initiative that served as a key step in structuring links within the Oceanian and international geospatial community, at all levels.


  • Active support for the development of collective visions for geospatial development in the French Pacific territories and all PICTs, linking with the national and international community.
  • Strengthening links with local authorities, focusing on municipalities, to prioritize and respond to needs as close as possible to the local population.

Visionary for the sustainable development of our three Pacific overseas territories

For many years now, INSIGHT has been committed to the development of local geospatial communities, with a particular focus on the territories of New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna.

Today, this ensures that we do have a good understanding of the ecosystems in place, a complete vision of the many technical aspects to be considered, as well as a certain mastery of the methodology aimed at fostering inclusive and sustainable development dynamics in fields as technical as geospatial.

Thanks to the skills acquired over the years, we were able to produce a strategic document aiming at setting up an Oceania Geospatial Organization (OGO), to support the sustainable development of our three overseas territories via geographic data.

Addressing the issues from a geospatial perspective, a particularly cross-disciplinary field, this document provides a comprehensive overview of the local contexts and the many needs to be considered in order to ensure the sustainability of a dynamic that is essential to our territories, as well as the regional and international context that we absolutely must take advantage of to ensure the sustainability of our local dynamics. Finally, the last section proposes an operational implementation plan, with recommendations for governance and business models.

You can download the full document, in its French versioning (English to come upon request), including appendices, as well as a slimmed-down “executive” version, below.

Training Courses

Both academic and professional training, as well as transfer of skills are objectives that we consider essential as a lever for regional development, contributing directly to capacity building and the consolidation of a field of excellence for our islands.

INSIGHT provides a wide range of training courses in the region and is a certified training organization. All our trainers are accredited, and the training courses we offer are eligible for dedicated funding bodies.

Referenced in particular by New Caledonia’s public administration training institute (IFAP), our actions are today mainly aimed at professional training, both inter and intra entities.

Our flagship training courses:

QGIS Level 1

A 2-day general training course designed to introduce beginners to the GIS environment in general and the main QGIS tools.

At the end of this course, you’ll be familiar with GIS and QGIS, and will be able to visualize, format your data and produce maps.

QGIS Level 2

A course designed for regular QGIS users who want to boost their use of the software.

At the end of this 2 days course, you’ll be able to carry out complex processing, analysis and representation using QGIS’s advanced functions.

QGIS Specific

A training course tailored to your needs and business processes.

At the end of this training course, you’ll be able to save time in your day-to-day use of QGIS.

Remote Sensing Introduction

1 day introduction to remote sensing in order to discover satellite imagery, the principles of remote sensing and EO imagery processing methods.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to integrate satellite or drone images into a geographic information system (QGIS) and carry out simple processing.


We also offer tailor-made training courses, depending on the beneficiary entities, the professions concerned and the profiles of the people to be trained.

With this type of training, it is possible to allow the use of internal company data in the training curriculum. This enables learners to work directly on their own projects and issues, as well as to apply improvements directly to the company’s own processes and to the technical teams trained.

They work hard!

The INSIGHT team is made up of a wide range of complementary profiles.

The two main pillars of INSIGHT, since the launch of the activity about 10 years ago, are:

The team has always remained united, strengthened from time to time by resources who have all made a significant contribution to the development of the activity.

SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO: GeoWizard, GIS JeDi, Wonder PhD, Grandmaster Code, Amazone GIS, Dr. Hawkeye & Geospatial water drop

Thanks to a consolidated, multi-sectoral and constantly evolving network of partners, INSIGHT systematically ensures that it has the necessary skills, even when outsourced, to guarantee a response that is fully adapted to the real needs of users and supported entities.

INSIGHT also has special links with IRD New Caledonia’s UMR EspaceDEV, with the Environment Observatory in New Caledonia (OEIL) and with the Data Terra research infrastructure, enabling us to work together in collaborative way in order to set up and ensure sustainability of initiatives that will benefit the development of our territory and the region.

Carried by a New Caledonian group


As a CIPAC Group company, INSIGHT is a successful example of intrapreneurship in New Caledonia, first “incubated” as a product line by a digital company from the same group, then spinning off in 2019 to become a company on itself, guaranteeing the sustainability of the business.


The INSIGHT adventure is also written with the people we meet, let’s explore together.


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